The Most EXCITING News EVER!!!!!

I bet you were expecting something else, huh? It’s ok, I promise not to disappoint the 7 of you. Just click HERE

And if that doesn’t work, or you just get a plain blue and white screen, I’m not sure I want to know. Because this “project” is about to make me three minutes from crazy. It works on my computer, and that might just have to be enough 🙂

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Hans Has a Smart Mouth

So Hans is my trainer. On my Wii. In my head, this makes sense. Steve’s trainer is the girl, and I named her Julie. Hans and Julie maybe have a Wii romance going on, but as Steve isn’t here, I don’t get to see Julie that often to ask her. Hans does not put up with such talk during our workouts.

Hans is a bit of a smart mouth. Also, he’s very good at back-handed compliments. For example, after a particular exercise he tell me it was a great workout, but then reminds me that I need to get stronger. Really Hans? No kidding….

Also, during the triceps excercise he repeats over and over how it is great for toning arms. Thanks for that, Captain Obvious. Yesterday he really wore on my nerves and I cursed him out a little. I am not proud of this, but I was working pretty hard and he was being a tool. I thought today he’d be better, but he was bugging me just as much. I can see my little center of balance dot going out of the circle all on my own, thank you very much. I don’t need him to point it out every time it happens. Jerk. The nicest thing about Hans though is this…..

He’s powerless against the mute button….

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Breakfast Goo

So, I’m right in the middle of Extreme Health Makeover: Chub Edition. So far, so good. Still working out, still trying to eat healthy, blah, blah BLAH. Mostly I don’t hate it, although I did have words today with my Wii trainer (I named him Hans). He was kind of being an ass. 

Anyway, I’ve been having these smoothie things for breakfast, after I work out. Usually I just blend up a banana, some frozen fruit, baby spinach (it sounds gross, but you can’t taste it, and the little green flecks make it look so pretty) and a yogurt. Then it was recomended that I thrown in a scoop of protein powder. I kind of wondered why all the “recipes” for these protein smoothies just used water, but I ignored that and just added it to my normal ingredients.

I figured out why…. My food processor is tiny… it’s like a mini- prep or something. I wish I had a Slap- Chop to go with it. ANYWAY, so it’s pretty little, and usually my smoothies ends up being like a cup and a half. Whatever is in the powder made it expand, and it filled up the entire processor chamber thing. So much so that I thought it was going to explode. But it didn’t. I took the lid off, which seemed to save the day, I am a rock star that way.

And the smoothie? It was like eating fruit-y, spinach-y Cool Whip. Not altogether unpleasant, but very, very strange. It was super light, but when I held the spoon upside down, it wouldn’t come off. It was like some kind of crazy smoothie magic trick.

I guess tomorrow, I’ll just use the water.

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Life Lessons

1. I detest painting. Especially painting trim.

2. Alas, it must be done.

3. I was hoping it would paint itself if I put the paint and the paint brush in the room and shut the door.

4. This did not work.

5. Then I was hoping my mom would come finish it for me.

6. This has not happened either.

9. I’m glad American idol is back on.

10. I really miss Glee though.

11. The kid who lives next door is adorable. He had to borrow my phone the other day because he was locked out.

12. I have no idea what his name is though.

13. I call him Jake in my head;  he looks like a Jacob and I wanted him to have a nickname.

14. His mom is kind of a “B” though.

15. I should adopt him. Then I wouldn’t have to take out the trash.

16. Or paint trim?

17. I would probably still have to paint trim.

18. *Sigh*

19. Steve will be home next weekend.

20. Maybe my posts will be more interesting then….

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Healthy Costs

Here’s the deal Y’all….. This year, I am committed to getting healthy. Really healthy. The kind of  organic- eating- smoothie- making- calorie- counting- working- out- no- matter- what- colon- cleansing- fitness- freak- health- nut I would normally want to slap.

I’m done. I want to wear clothes I’ve “out-grown” and I want to shop where “regular” women shop. I want to stop carrying a huge purse that covers half my butt, and I want to take a fitness class outside of my living room without being self conscience. My sister- in- law is all of the above, and because she loves me (and because I’ve only ever called her an organic- eating- smoothie- making- calorie- counting- working- out- no- matter- what- colon- cleansing- fitness- freak- health- nut in my head) she’s helping me. A lot.

And so far, so good. I’m excited about my life style change, and the (small) results so far. Here’s the one issue…..

The. Cost.

It’s expensive to be healthy. And Wal-Mart doesn’t exactly have a health food section. For example, today I had to order Organic Coconut Oil online. It was $20, plus shipping. Luckily, I spend a lot of money at Amazon, and I get free shipping, but not the point Y’all. Wesson vegetable oil? It’s like $3. I also ordered organic almond butter…. $8 vs. Jif at $2.

Now, I’m chalking all of this up to an investment in my (and my family’s future) but, that coconut oil better last until kid #1 goes to kindergarten…. Just saying…..

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kyllästynyt— Finnish for BORED

Oh my word, y’all…. my life is BORING. I’ve got absolutely nothing new to write about. I’m in the middle of painting the three bedrooms upstairs. Actually, I’m painting two of them, and re-painting the third, since I already painted it. Apparently the blue that we picked out (and hated… and tried to tone down by only putting tan and white bedding and accessories, which didn’t really help, so I just started to keep the door shut) made our realtor a little crazy. So all three bedrooms are being painted beige. Which is about the most boring color ever. At least we don’t have to change any of the colors downstairs. I went a little overboard and each room is different, but she said they complement the “oldness of the house”. Yay me. My new secret plan is to paint messages with the paint first, and then cover them up using the roller. They say things like “buy me”, “live here”, “pay more than the asking price because Sara needs a new car”. Stuff like that. I’m hoping to use subliminal messages to encourage sales. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Other than that, Chloe and I are just home. We haven’t left the house or yard or block for over a week. I made my neighbor banana bread to just have an excuse to go to her house and hang out over there for a little while on Saturday. I would not make a good hermit. I keep trying to work out what I’m supposed to be learning in this mini- house arrest situation, and I’ve got nothing.

My mom got us a Wii for Christmas, it’s my new favorite thing. 2010 is the year to get healthy. I do not want to look like a cow when I turn 30. Also, I would like to have a baby sometime in the near future and do not want to mistaken for a beached whale at the OB/GYN. Awesome.

My knitting projects are going well. I’m out of yarn that I like (I still have a whole bunch of “practice yarn” and some stuff I got on clearance after Christmas, but it looks Christmas-y and I’m not feeling that). There is a needlework shop near my house that I could walk to, but it is NEVER open. So I’m probably getting ready to buy some yarn online, and am kind of nervous about making sure it’s soft and pretty. Any suggestions would be mucho appreciated.

That’s all from here…. Chloe says HI!!!

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My New Favorite Web-Site

Today, someone absolutely made my day. In fact, they have made my year. I will be forever indebted to my step-father for emailing me the link to this website. This website will no doubt provide hours and hours of entertainment for me in the upcoming year. In honor of that, I am re-posting one of my favorite blogs from last year. It was a little controverisal, and some people took offense, but I still love it. Also, it was before the seven of you started to read this, so hopefully you haven’t stalked me enough to go that far back into my archives…….


Today at Wal- mart, I pulled into a parking spot and noticed a woman across the way, who was using a crow bar the smash the back window of a jacked up pick-up truck… Carrie Underwood? Nah, just a grandmother who had locked her keys inside. She was breaking the window open so she could crawl though. The best part? Her five year old granddaughter cheering her on…. literally. She was wearing a cheerleaders costume and yelling “break it granny, break it” while jumping up and down like a demented little monkey. Awesome.

So here’s the thing… like it or note, Wal-Mart has become part of Americana. Nowhere else can you buy celery, baby food, toilet cleaner, eyeshadow, a garden hose, throw pillows and a tennis racket while your oil is being changed and you’re waiting for a nail appointment. But here’s the real reason why I love Wal-mart… the other customers.

I first realized how entertaining a trip to Wal-mart can be when I moved to Charlotte. A friend and I decided to make the trip out to super Wal-Mart (this was before they were mostly not super…) for groceries. Now, we did this fairly often, because as everyone knows, it’s super- cheap… what we had failed to remember however, was that this particular trip was right in to middle of NASCAR race week, and the store was just down the road from the speedway. Awesome. To make it even sweeter (if at all possible) it had basically poured the entire week- RVs were stuck in the mud, campsites were flooded and people were filthy. The beauty of Wal-mart? There’s no need for a shower. Rednecks from all over were dragging their tired, screechy kids in, threatening to beat them if they didn’t cooperate long enough to stock up on Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Bud Lite. It was like Jerry Springer, live in action. After that I made at least one trip to Wal-Mart every race week for as long as I lived in Charlotte, simply for the live entertainment…

Everywhere that Steve and I have moved since, I check to see what the travel time is to the closest Wal-mart. I am comforted by the large grey and blue building; I like knowing that if I need something at three in the morning, it will be available to me. Like self esteem… because looking at everyone else in Wal-Mart at three am is guaranteed to help you feel better about almost anything…. In the town we currently live in, Wal-Mart is all the way across town… as in, it takes almost 15 minutes to get there. It is borderline too far, but I rest easy knowing that in just a few years, they will probably tear down some lovely mom- and- pop store on this side of town and build one for me

I know that a lot of small towns fight hard to keep Walmart out… and I get that. Most of the time, I agree with them. Walmarts ARE taking over this country. But, as consumers, we have let them. So I say, embrace the trashiness and head on in… they have leftover plastic 4th of July place mats for a dollar ….

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Life’s Lessons

1. So far 2010 hasn’t been a creative year, writing – wise.

2. Good thing it’s only the 8th.

3. Are the Winter Olympics on this year?

4. I think so. I’m glad. I heart them.

5. Especially speed- skating.

6. I hold the top score on the Ski Jump for our Wii.

7. I hold most of the top scores, as I’m the only one here.

8. Steve fixed the Lap- Top.

9. I’m pretty ecstatic over this, as it is now super- fast.

10. I have been watching Teen Mom on MTV.

11. I’m not sure why I started, but now I can’t stop.

12. It’s like a train wreck and it breaks my heart.

13. I finished my second scarf.

14. I made it for Steve.

15. So far I have completed 2 scarves and they are both completeley wearable!

16. Now I’m finishing this grey thing I started and then….

17. I’m starting this super hard shawl thing that my Mother- In- Law is encouraging me on. She’s making one also and so therefore, I’ll have some help.

18. I’ve looked at the pattern and since it’s basically written in a foreign language, I’m sure she’ll be getting a few calls about it.

19. I live 2 blocks from a yarn store, which I didn’t realize until last week.

20. So far I’ve avoided it because I have enough projects and I’m intent on only buying things I’m working on or it will be like Hoarders in here.

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Pants on Fire….

How does that saying go? Children and Dogs will make a liar out of you? Did I just make that up? I may have. Also, it may not include dogs, but since I am sans child, I added it.

So for the last few days, I have been somewhat bragging about my new sweet, adorable, baby- puppy- girl, Chloe. Who is just honestly the best puppy ever. I absolutely adored the other dogs, and was very devastated when they were killed/ stolen (stupid ghetto neighborhood), but I am so in  love with this new dog, that is has definitely eased some of the sadness…..

Our realtor lady came yesterday (who gave us some pretty good news… it may take a little while, but we should *hopefully* get everything back out $-wise that we put in, plus some!) and Chloe was SO GOOD. The other dogs would have been ballistic and would have had to stay in their crates. She walked all over the house with us and fell asleep and was just so sweet. Except for her monstrous puppy- gas which made me want to die, and which I am definitely asking the vet about today….

She was doing much better walking on a leash yesterday afternoon and fell asleep when we were watching a movie last night. Easy Peasy.


All that chill-ness? Resulted in a midnight rampage of unleashed puppy wildness. Oh my word, Y’all…. I have never seen anything like it. She. Was. Insane. Like something out of the exorcist. Except minus the green spewing, thank goodness. So we finally worked her into her crate, an hour later. Everyone went to sleep, and it was nice.

She got up at 4 am. And so did I. And we’ve been up ever since.

So I’m going to be a little quieter about Chloe’s mad puppy skills and how much she rocks. Because although she does, there was some major jinxing going on here yesterday at Casa Combs. Also, I’m going to need a nap by 10:30….

Just in case you forgot how cute she is......

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Potato/ Pahtahtoe

Oh my word y’all, I am losing it…..

So I’m cleaning up our room today (as my Super-Man-esque husband apparently feels like dirty socks are kryptonite) because some realtor- people are coming to look at the house tomorrow to determine if we are market- ready!!!!

So Chloe (the new puppy! see below!) and I are working on clearing out the closet so he can hang the new closet bar and shelf, and….

I found a potato.

Yes, folks. A POTATO.

I assumed it must have been there quite awhile, as I hadn’t put it there. So of course, I didn’t move it. If I had, Steve never would have believed there was a potato in the closet. I called him (he was at Lowe’s, getting some bracket/ anchor/ man- thing, IDK) to tell him about said potato. All of this was very, very funny to me (even though I know my mom is dying a little inside as she reads it….hang in there Susie……).

He finally gets home, and I show him the darn potato, at which point he picks it up and shows me it’s a stress ball. Shaped like a potato. Apparently his old job passed them out to their clients when they opened the Boise terminal. Which was still very, very funny to me…

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