Super(visor) Uncle Jack

Hey Y’all…. Happy Halloween!!! This isn’t going to be too long, since Steve and I are busy fortifying our house against Halloween in the Ghetto 2009….

But I was hoping that I could ask the people who read this (all 7 of you) to pray for my Aunt Linda and Uncle Jack….

He is the Town Supervisor in the town I am from (Victor NY- outside of Rochester…. It’s near Canada, people…). This coming Tuesday is Election Day for him. He really needs to be re-elected Y’all. He does a great job, and deserves to be re-elected. Apparently Town Supervisor is like the manager of the town or something, I don’t really know. Anyway, he does such a good job, even his opponent kind of wants him to be re-elected.

Him, and my aunt, and their family (and by extension, the rest of our family) have had some bad stuff happen this summer, and they could really use this win. I know that no one that reads this can actually vote for him, but if you would pray for him, it would mean the world to me.

I know some of you are very specific pray-ers, so his name is Jack Marren, and he running for re- election for Victor Town Supervisor,  and he is awesome.

Thanks Everyone!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

******* This just in….. HE WON!!!!! Thanks for all your prayers!!!

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Life Lessons

What I’ve learned this week……

1. If you drop your laptop and use your foot to break its fall, then the laptop will not break, but your foot will be jacked up.

2. The only parts of painting that are enjoyable, are picking out the colors and seeing the finished result. I abhor everything in between.

3. Who gets to name paint colors? I want that job.

4. I kind of want a Kindle. I think this makes me a super- dork. I do not care.

5. The approaching holidays are way more pleasant to think about when you do not have a retail store to worry about. The Black Friday Cloud has been lifted off Thanksgiving, for me at least 🙂

6. I have a mini- crush on David Tutera. I think he is sweet. I am pretty sure I’m not his type.

7. If you are going to blog- stalk people and steal their ideas, be prepared to follow through. It’s harder than it looks.

8. Boys are mean when it comes to sports teams. I am currently not speaking to three of my friends husbands because they have been awful to me about the Yankees making it to the World Series. Jealous much?

9. I am never having a colonoscopy. I do not care how many time Katie Couric has hers live on TV.  I was on the phone when my mom had to drink the stuff for hers. It was horrifying. Hi Mom! Talking about your colonoscopy!

10. Crafty people inspire me. Alas, this doesn’t change my own level of non-craftiness. *sigh* Maybe one day…..

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Love Shack

I’m in the middle of painting the guest room (ugh). This in and of itself isn’t that interesting to any of you, I’m sure. But I discovered something today that is horrifying to me…..

I had to kill 7 baby spiders while working on this project this afternoon. Now Y’all know that my house is ancient and therefore, buggy. So I’m pretty used to the bug- killing by now. But they were baby spiders….

Which means that somewhere in this house, the fully grown, adult, giant spiders ARE HAVING SEX!!!!!

(For the one person out there reading this now, who I know is all like “um, hello, spiders lay eggs or something like that, and are like, self- breeding, you can go sit in the corner. No one likes a know-it-all….)

(Also, if there is animal/ bug rights activist having a fit because I killed the spiders, you can join them. No one likes a PETA freak either…)

Anyway, so not only are these spiders big and gross, they are promiscuous. And cheap, because no one paid to use the room that way. Are all spiders this way? Probably. Look at all the babies Charlotte had… and there was no baby daddy (long legs!) spider coming home at the end of the day. I always thought it was a little suspect that she only spun 4 messages in that book, and had all those other nights to run around acting like a little hoochy- spider….

(Dear E.B. White… We would like to apologize on behalf of the author of this blog. She was recently terminated and has more time on her hands than ever before. She has little human interaction during the day; we also suspect she is huffing paint…)

Well, as much as I’d like to stay here and write about all my gross bugs some more (I know most of you have probably already abandoned this post already, and I don’t really blame you), I have to go buy some more bug spray anyway…. these nasty eight legged pro- creators are about to make me three-minutes from crazy…..

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Awww… So Sweet!!

Ok, maybe my previous post was um, not-so-positive…. let me try again…

My friend Lauren and I made a pact awhile ago to both work on our humble-ness. Therefore, in order to maintain some semblance of a humble spirit, I rarely talk about things I cook and  bake. Because Y’all, I have mad cooking skills (ok, 1st, I love the word y’all… my family up north is cringing, whereas my in-laws are cheering…. and have decided to use it when I write. Because it’s my blog and I’ll y’all if I want to. 2nd, see? not- so- humble about the cooking. 3rd, that was also a little ghetto. *sigh* 4th, I love when the stuff in parenthesis is longer than the regular paragraph).

ANYWAY, so I don’t usually mention the almost- gourmet meals we enjoy here at Casa Combs. But the sweetest thing was shared with me last night at small group, and I wanted to pass it along….

Last Monday was our turn to host. Our house was arctic, so I made hot cider and these great pumpkin cookies. Now, I have made  these cookies all autumn long and they have gotten rave reviews. I love Fall and Winter, simply for the cooking and baking opportunities. It’s not a million degrees, so I can tolerate standing in front of an oven, and also, people look at you like you are crazy if you cook with pumpkin in July….

You can find the recipe for the cookies here. **

So I made these cookies for our small group and the recipe makes A LOT of cookies, and Steve and I certainly didn’t need all the extra’s, so I sent a lot home with our friends, Sam and Abby. And Sam,  nice guy that he is, took some in to school and shared them with his students (pay it forward, Y’all).

And when his students asked him what kind of cookies they were, do you know what super-sweet Sam said?

“I can’t remember you guys, I think they’re called REALLY GOOD COOKIES“.

Y’all, that made me smile, and I wanted to share my smile with you…

**Maybe not so much here, as I seem to be incapable of properly inserting a link to the exact post I want it to go to… the recipe is at, and is for her Pumpkin Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookies….

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Life Lessons

Here’s the deal… I’m a self- admitted Blog Stalker. I don’t really feel bad about this because A) No one can get hurt B) I have found really, really funny blogs that make me laugh and divert my attention from what I should really be doing (i.e. painting my house so we can put it on the market, sell it and move to Nashville. Whatever. The new plan is to forego the paint and buy a St. Joseph statue. My sister-in-law just started praying for me because I typed that. Also, I love that I used i.e. instread of ex. Makes me look smart. Like I know Latin or something….) ANYWAY…

Thanks to Sounds Like Tomatoes and Much More Than Mommy  I have decided I also need a Friday list of some sort. Yes, I am totally ripping off their ideas. I own it, and I’m moving on….

LIFE LESSONS… things I learned this week…

1. It is enjoyable to walk my two dogs if I have the Glee soundtrack blaring on my Ipod.

2. It is NOT enjoyable to pick their poo up off a warm sidewalk and carry it (in a Wal-Mart bag that looks like it could break open) three blocks home.

3. Poo- in- a- bag swings a lot when you are walking fast to get it home. There is no way to prevent this, other than to hold the bag tighter, which is not a desirable option.

4. Brown might be my new favorite color. I used to think it was dowdy; now I think it is the new pink. This is not because of the poo.

5. If your heat is not working, and your small group comes over, and they don’t hate you for freezing them out, they must really love you. They are good people.

6. It helps to bribe them with hot cider and pumpkin cookies.

7. It is entirely ok to plan your day around re-runs of The Office.

8. I may need a Facebook Intervention.

9. If you live in the Ghetto and put cute little pumpkins on your porch, they will get stolen. At least they didn’t smash it in front of the other pumpkin that is still here.

10. I wonder why they didn’t take both? Maybe Crack-Heads have a code of honor?

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Baby, It’s Cold Inside

So we have lived in our house about six months. Maybe a little less, I don’t know. Unfortunately, we’ve owned the house about 18 months. For those of you who aren’t mathletes, that means our renovation took 12 months. TWELVE.LONG.MONTHS. So we were excited to move in. Just a little.

Unfortunately, we have fought our dumb general contractor about our HVAC system the ENTIRE time we have lived in the house. His subcontractor (who he swears up and down that he doesn’t usually use, blah, blah, blah) installed our system sloppily, it leaks, they may or may not have put in a chimney liner, it may or may not leak carbon monoxide, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

I’m grouchy. I do not like to be cold. I know people reading this are all like “um, hello? You’re from Upstate New York”. Yeah, I know. I also know there’s a REASON I MOVED TO THE SOUTH. And, up North, we had HEAT WE COULD TURN ON!!!!!

We have also discovered that this house turns against us in the cold. The beautiful, fun ceramic tiles in the bathroom? As cold as an ice rink. My skin is completely dried out because once I manage to talk my self into stripping down to take a shower, then I have to re-convince myself to get back out. Last night, we had to use our St. Bernard mix as a furnace. It was like have a very hairy 85 pound toddler in our bed.

So thus far, during the course of this blog, I have refrained from listing business names. Even when  Bible-Mart fired me I did not use their official name. But if you live anywhere near the Raleigh- Durham area, and you are even considering remodeling anything in your house, DO NOT USE THAYER STONE INC., or AIR PLUS HVAC!!!! Unles you enjoy being freezing cold……

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Let’s get it on…..

I had this great blog I was going to post today. I wrote it in my head while I was walking the dogs this afternoon. It was deep, meaningful and had a purpose behind it. Then I was just FINALLY sitting down to type it, and….

I looked up for a minute from my perch on the couch to watch my little dog, “getting it on” with his um, Love Monkey. He pushed it (pushed it real good) all the way across the living room floor.

I cannot be deep and meaningful after witnessing that. Also, it might be time to get him fxed.

Have a good night.

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Patience Pays

So all in all, it’s been a little bit of a rough summer. Not as rough as for some, but a little nonetheless. My job sucked (sorry, I know that’s really blunt, but it did). Steve has been out of work since April, our house is still kind of ghetto, blah, blah, blah….

And then last week I lost my yucky job, which, although it’s a blessing and they are stupid, still stings a little. Plus the lack of income. That kind of struggles a lot too.

So FOUR long months ago, Steve sent his resume to this guy my step- father knows. It was like a dream job… they offered a great compensation package, strong Christian values, and best of all, the position is in Nashville (where Steve is from). We could go home. Ok, home for him, second home for me…

So we waited, and waited, and waited. Then we waited some more (you know this is a highly entertaining story). And then he FINALLY went for an interview. And then we waited. He went for a second interview. We waited. Then some other stuff happened and we had to wait for his references to get their acts together. So we waited some more. I am not really the most patient person (um, that was the understatement of the year…), so I think all this waiting wa harder on me than Steve. Actually, it was probably the hardest on my friends and family, because they had to listen to me complain about the waiting. A LOT.

Then I lost my job last week (because I am an awesome rock star- wait, I AM an awesome rock star, they are the ones who stink) so the waiting became even more intense; I still have managed to work in some naps and Facebook time though. Then he called last Friday and said he would make his final decision on Tuesday night. The he called Tuesday and said he needed another day. There was no call all day Wednesday. My husband is not speaking to me because of the amount of times I made him double check his phone (actually he is speaking to me, but he probably doesn’t want to). FINALLY, this morning, he got the call…. AND HE GOT THE JOB. YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!

Oh, and because I’m awesome too, I have had not one, not two, but THREE company’s call in last 24 hours about my resume. So there, Bible-Mart!!!!

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On “Vacation”

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog, but trust me there’s good reasons for it….

I got fired from Bible-Mart. Yup, you read right. Canned, axed, dismissed,  terminated, let go, excused permanently, discharged, booted, ejected, ousted, sacked….

All of those things. Now the seven of you that read this blog fairly regularly, and the three of you that follow me on Twitter, are probably not surprised. After all, Bible-Mart and I have had a love- hate relationship from the start. Plus, I don’t like customers. Surprisingly however, I am quite adept at rising above and beyond my loathing (for the rude ones only, nice customers rock…) to give great customer service. Except when I’m hanging up on people,  complaining about a district meeting, or refusing to sell them a book early (hey- it’s against the LAW). And, I’m sorry if this isn’t humble, but my associates and most of my co- workers (the cool ones) LOVE me.

So I got fired. In that company there are two areas that are goaled. Sales (obviously) and Metrics (which are basically focus items). My sales were fine. In fact, I was posting increases. Our metrics struggled. A lot. It says on my paperwork that I didn’t try hard enough. I’m sorry she feels that way…

I was so excited when I got that job. It was one that I had waited for, and prayed about, and really, really wanted. Ten years in retail had helped make me jaded, cynical, and burnt out. I thought I would go there and make a difference in people’s lives. I thought I could go there, and help minister to someone in need. I thought I could go there, and be as much of a success as I had been in all my previous management jobs (again, with the humbleness). For the first time, I wasn’t a success. At first, I thought it was me. Not working enough hours, not training the staff correctly, not giving enough of myself. That wasn’t the case. On three separate occasions I was told to fire my entire staff. In the middle of the summer I was asked if I was willing to go down for them, as it would turn into me or them. I stood by all of those people, and I didn’t fire a single person, because they didn’t deserve it. If that means I have today off, I rest easy. Doing the right thing wasn’t supported by that company. And while that make me very sad, it is also a huge relief to not be there today.

I’m not sure what my next career move will be. I don’t think (hopefully) it will be with another store. I think I am done with that part of my life. So we’ll see. Right now, I’m enjoying my days off; I’m happy to not get nasty emails all day long, or wasting  hours of my life on conference calls. I feel blessed.

P.S. I have never been a morning person, and now that I am not forced to fake it, I’m imposing a 10 am call/ text time. As in, something HUGE had better be the reason behind while you are contacting me before then. AND, before people judge that as lazy, I don’t go to bed before 2am, so it’s still just sleeping 8 hours. Thanks!

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My Adulation of Yogi

So this post is purely self indulgent. I think I possibly have swine flu, so I’m sure you won’t mind if I take in minute in my NyQuil Influenced State to wax poetic about one my favorite creatures.

The Top Ten Reasons My Dog Rocks

10. His unending love for shaving cream caps. There’s no need to purchase tennis balls or bones for entertainment. As long as I continue to shave my legs, he’s good to go.

9. He’s maybe 9lbs, yet is convinced he’s the size of a small pony.

8. He is adamantly opposed to wearing clothes, no matter how hard I try. He used to have a hoodie for wintertime, but as soon as his grown- up dog teeth came in, he tore it up.

7. His  “purebred” fur is roughly the texture of velcro.

6. He will use any human for a launch pad, turning himself into a flying squirrel.

5. He is an intestinal cancer survivor. As in, his tumor just went away. We’re still working on what color his ribbon pin should be.

4. He did everything in his power to procreate with our cat. Cuppies anyone?

3. Steve can pet him for an hour, and if I look at him right, he will come right over to me. He has loyalty in all the right places 🙂

2. He enjoys hanging out in the bathroom. Whether I’m showering, putting make-up on, or erm, doing other stuff, he’s always up for quality time in the can.

1. His squishable, kissable, adorable little face.

Told you this was self- indulgent!!!!

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