Pants on Fire….

How does that saying go? Children and Dogs will make a liar out of you? Did I just make that up? I may have. Also, it may not include dogs, but since I am sans child, I added it.

So for the last few days, I have been somewhat bragging about my new sweet, adorable, baby- puppy- girl, Chloe. Who is just honestly the best puppy ever. I absolutely adored the other dogs, and was very devastated when they were killed/ stolen (stupid ghetto neighborhood), but I am so in  love with this new dog, that is has definitely eased some of the sadness…..

Our realtor lady came yesterday (who gave us some pretty good news… it may take a little while, but we should *hopefully* get everything back out $-wise that we put in, plus some!) and Chloe was SO GOOD. The other dogs would have been ballistic and would have had to stay in their crates. She walked all over the house with us and fell asleep and was just so sweet. Except for her monstrous puppy- gas which made me want to die, and which I am definitely asking the vet about today….

She was doing much better walking on a leash yesterday afternoon and fell asleep when we were watching a movie last night. Easy Peasy.


All that chill-ness? Resulted in a midnight rampage of unleashed puppy wildness. Oh my word, Y’all…. I have never seen anything like it. She. Was. Insane. Like something out of the exorcist. Except minus the green spewing, thank goodness. So we finally worked her into her crate, an hour later. Everyone went to sleep, and it was nice.

She got up at 4 am. And so did I. And we’ve been up ever since.

So I’m going to be a little quieter about Chloe’s mad puppy skills and how much she rocks. Because although she does, there was some major jinxing going on here yesterday at Casa Combs. Also, I’m going to need a nap by 10:30….

Just in case you forgot how cute she is......

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Potato/ Pahtahtoe

Oh my word y’all, I am losing it…..

So I’m cleaning up our room today (as my Super-Man-esque husband apparently feels like dirty socks are kryptonite) because some realtor- people are coming to look at the house tomorrow to determine if we are market- ready!!!!

So Chloe (the new puppy! see below!) and I are working on clearing out the closet so he can hang the new closet bar and shelf, and….

I found a potato.

Yes, folks. A POTATO.

I assumed it must have been there quite awhile, as I hadn’t put it there. So of course, I didn’t move it. If I had, Steve never would have believed there was a potato in the closet. I called him (he was at Lowe’s, getting some bracket/ anchor/ man- thing, IDK) to tell him about said potato. All of this was very, very funny to me (even though I know my mom is dying a little inside as she reads it….hang in there Susie……).

He finally gets home, and I show him the darn potato, at which point he picks it up and shows me it’s a stress ball. Shaped like a potato. Apparently his old job passed them out to their clients when they opened the Boise terminal. Which was still very, very funny to me…

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2nd Best Christmas Present…. EVER

Good Morning,y’all….. Want to know why I’m typing this at the crack of dawn? I understand that to many of you, eight AM isn’t that early. Heck, if you’re my in- laws,your day is half over 🙂

But it’s early to me. I’m awake though, and loving the reason why……

Steve got me a puppy for Christmas!!!! I know!! I’m like  a 6-year-old!!! Also, I’m using a too many exclamation points!!!!!

Anyway, she wasn’t totally a surprise, but he went and got her on Christmas Eve, from a rescue foster family situation. He actually did surprise me a little because he called to let me know he was on his way home, and that he didn’t get one of the puppies, because they all looked sickly, and he was worried about getting into another Cancer-Dog situation. He was lying though, she was in the car all along!!!

She is adorable…. she’s 12 weeks, and about 4 pounds. She is half Maltese, half Shih Tzu (Malshi? Malti- Tzu? IDK) so she’ll stay pretty small. For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, please don’t despair….. the pictures will stop soon. But she’s so cute I can’t help myself.

Also, so far I can only find the dog Snuggie in blue (she NEEDS one). If you find in pink, please let me know.

Her new dress

****If you want to know what my favorite Christmas present is, read John 3:16 in your Bible.

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Life Lessons: Saturday Edition

1. This post is a day late. I was on airplanes all day yesterday, and my laptop is officially dead, so there was no way to do this on Friday.

2. Surprisingly, the world did not in fact, spin-off its axis due to Life Lessons not getting posted on Friday.

3. My blog is super important only in my world.

4. I am a fan of following the rules.

5. Yesterday someone on the plane had to be told to take his seat repeatedly.

6. Hello? Sit down!! They will ground our plane and I will not make my connecting flight and then I will not see Steve!!

7. And then you will get The Wrath of Sara.

8. Also, I was proud of myself. Someone was in the middle seat and fell asleep and I still asked the flight attendant for a drink.

9. Normally, I would not have wanted to disturb that sleeping person.

10. I was really thirsty.

11. Now I’m in Nashville.

12. I am a travelling fool this month.

13. I will be excited to sleep in my own bed on Tuesday.

14. My mother-in-law is taking me to a knitting shop today. I guess finishing my first project makes me a little crafty.

15. I am nervous about this trip, as I do not know anything about knitting.

16. I can do one stitch with super giant needles and yarn that hides flaws.

17. I have to go get ready to go now. Wish me luck.

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How Da Ya Like Dem Apples?

Soooo since I was asked to take  permanent sabbatical leave from Bible-Mart, and I haven’t been home to see my family in almost a year, I decided to practically move back in with my parents for a while. Steve is in Nashville, and it’s boring at the house without him, so I’ve taken up residence in my parents freezing cold guest room. I’m leaving Friday though.

Anyway, the very first time Steve came home with me, I introduced him to The Apple Farm. Not just any apple farm, but THE APPLE FARM. It’s in my home town, and I love it, and now, so does Steve. My family went pretty much every year for hay rides, apple picking, cider doughnuts etc. Plus, the younger son of the family that owns it was in my class growing up, so guess what he brought to every  party?

I’m not really a huge fruit fan (I actually prefer vegetables, I know, weird, right?) but their apples are so good!!! A few years ago, NY passed a law that forced them to start pasteurizing their cider, which apparently is very costly and scientific and you need giant machines for, and everyone was worried they wouldn’t be able to do it and they might go out of business. But alas, so far, so good.

Anyway, since Steve couldn’t be here this time, and I super- miss him, I decided to go there (because they are open when it’s freezing out, because they are like super- farmers or something) and get him some of their amazing donuts and mini- pies and stuff, and ship it all the Nashville.

So I get there, and the same lady is working the counter and she’s so sweet.  I started to order, and then I remembered they don’t take debit cards, so I left to go to an ATM, and then went back. We began talking, and when she found out I was shipping them, she told me she would take an order of what I wanted to send, and they would make it fresh for me the next day.

Y’all, I was completely ready to spend money that day on whatever they had in the case. I would never had known it wasn’t at its exact freshness (and let me be clear, probably no one else would have either, it’s that good….). She knew I lived out state, and I would never have complained about any of it anyway. But, she told me anyway. So I placed an order, and went back in the next day, and it was all packed up and ready to go. It was so fresh, it scented the whole car on the way to the post office.

Y’all, that is why I try to support local businesses. Because even in the middle of the crazy holiday season, even when they have products ready to go that they could have sold me, even when I didn’t care because I wanted to get it, ship it, and be done, they took care of me. They have enough pride in their work to only give out the very best. It’s just a lil ol’ apple farm, in a lil ol’ town, but they made it their business to extend their hand this season.

P.S. Over- nighting baked goods, in order to ensure they get to their destination at their peak, and so you make your husbands day? Totally worth it……

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Life Lessons

1. Blog friends are real friends.

2. Contrary to what other people try to tell you.

3. Especially when they get pretty new blogs, and totally understand your issues, and invite you to come along.

4. Or when they pick you to win this awesome giveaway. Ahem.

5. Snow is the worst.

6. My husband thinks we are retiring to a cabin in the mountains.

7. I’m going to need him to think a lot less steep rock and a lot more warm sand.

8. I had some of the best customer service experiences this week.

9. I can’t say what they are, as they involve a present for someone.

10. Polygamy intrigues me.

11. Not in a I-want-my-husband-to-take-a-second-wife-kind-of-way, just in a train-wreck-trying-to-comprehend-even-a-little-bit-kind-of-way.

12. That was a lot of hyphens.

13. I could totally not share my husband.

14. I cannot stand that Hawaiian Christmas song. The words “malikiliki maka” make me physically ill.

15. I finished knitting my first scarf.

16. I actually finished it awhile ago. But I forgot to tell you.

17. It’s kind of messed up.

18. My mother-in-law is going to show me how to make a matching hat.

19. I kind of want the hat to have ear flaps.

20. I should probably tell her of those intentions.

21. This is a long list.

22. I’m done now.

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I need Prozac

Or Cymbalta. Or something. Seriously. I’m having major anxiety over here. Why? Everyone ditched me.

In less than a week, two of my absolute favorite bloggers abandoned me for fancier digs. They know who they are, but in case you’re wondering, it’s her and her.

And I can’t even be really mad, because their new blogs are so cute and pretty. Now mine looks all lame and yucky. It’s all giant and reddish-brown, and not custom for me. And, I can’t move, because I’m already a stalker, so how would that look? Plus, the first few chapters of my book are saved here and that’s too much cutting and pasting.

So I’m staying here for now. But I’m not promising for how long. Plus I totally own a URL, which at some point, I need to do something with…

Anyway, Sounds Like Tomatoes and Much More Than Mommy….. I’m very happy for you and your pretty new blogs. And not in a Hand That Rocks the Cradle kind of way…. just don’t forget about us un-fancy blogs over here…..

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Well friends, I made it exactly 10 days. 1o days for what? I made it 10 days in Upstate New York without having to deal with snow.

Apparently Global Warming has hit here pretty hard (which I know about thanks to Al Gore and his internet), because the weather so far this winter has actually been pretty much the same as it is back in Raleigh. Which I can totally deal with.

Until today. It’s snow-y, and wind-y, and suck-y. Weather like this is pretty much the main reason I moved South (my crazy family came in a close 2nd…Just kidding… Kind of…).

I know to people raised in the South, the snow seems romantic and exciting. Let me break it down for you. It’s cold. And wet. Also, it gets unwillingly brought into the house via people’s shoes (regardless of the “take your boots off rule”), so your socks are always just a little wet. You get nosebleeds from needing to have the heat on all the time. You hands, lips and face are always just a little chapped. It messes with your head…. by February, you can’t tell the grey yucky snow from the grey yucky skyline. It makes you think that North Carolina, and now Tennessee, just aren’t close enough to the equator, and therefore Cuba, starts to look like a great option…..

And to my family members that might read this, there’s no need to comment. I get it. I grew up here, I should be used to it, this wasn’t even a bad storm, blah, blah, blah….. I completely own the fact that I ditched y’all, and moved to the South. My blood is thinner, my hands are softer, and my tulips sprout sooner…. I just can’t trade that for freezing rain and windy conditions….

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Life Lessons

1. It is good to be home. Home like where I grew up, not home where we pay a mortgage.

2. It’s good to be home where we pay mortgage also, especially since my husband fixed the heat.

3. He is super-man.

4. If you meet an awesome baby when you are really beginning to think you want to start a family, it fuels the fire.

5. Also, you start to think kidnapping may be the way to get your own awesome baby.

6. But you can’t do that, because then you’d be on America’s Most Wanted.

7. And John Walsh has the CREEPIEST. VOICE. EVER.

8. If you walk around the mall in a wool sweater, with a VELCO ROLLER STUCK TO THE BACK, not a single person will tell you.

9. Even if you stand in a super long line at Starbucks.

10. Also, maybe you’re a grown up when this doesn’t completely humiliate you, but instead you text people to tell them about it.

11. Dog breeders are kind of weird.

12. Like they only communicate well with animals.

13. I think that maybe they’re getting high off the smell of puppy pads and it’s socially stunting them.

14. I’m totally getting a new puppy.

15. She’s my christmas present. And adorable.

16. Steve won’t let me buy her her own sofa.

17. Or one of those snuggly pouches (like you would carry a baby in) to carry her in.

18. Something about her having 4 legs of her own to walk on.

19. BUT, she is getting a cute pink Snuggie Blanket.

20. I haven’t ordered any of it yet, but when it adds up, it would actually be cheaper to just have the baby…..

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So pretty much one of my favorite people in the world had a baby last March. My cousin Stephi, had a baby girl, Ella Shea. And what with all the down-sizing and house construction, moving, painting, interviewing, getting fired, and plans to move to another state, I  (just this week) got the chance to come home and meet her. I know, I know, I’m a horrible person…

Y’all, I am NOT a baby person. I adore ALL of my nieces and nephews and I am sure I will have kids of my own, and that will be great, but babies make me nervous. When my sister- in- law Katie,  had her daughter Isabella, last year, I was terrified to hold her. She was TINY. And totally breakable. Plus, when you don’t have kids and you are recently married, people absolutely watch to see how you’re going to be with a baby, and the last thing I needed was to make that child cry. Which she probably would have. Also, most newborns look like an aliens/ old men/ ET.

Anyway, now Ella is almost 9 months old. She is ADORABLE. And completely non- breakable. In fact, she could probably take most other babies, and maybe a toddler or two. So I held her, and she did not melt down, and was basically just awesome.

So now I want one. Cause babies rock. And it doesn’t hurt that Steve and I are getting back to a place (faster than I thought possible) to where the thought of having a baby is a good thing. Too bad we live in different states. I guess we’ll have to start with a puppy. But all you knitters/ sewers/ crafty people be warned…. not too much longer!!!!!

p.s. I would put a picture up, but my camera is at home and I have absolutely no idea how to get a picture from my phone to the computer. Which is why my life is generally documented in words only……

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