Potato/ Pahtahtoe

Oh my word y’all, I am losing it…..

So I’m cleaning up our room today (as my Super-Man-esque husband apparently feels like dirty socks are kryptonite) because some realtor- people are coming to look at the house tomorrow to determine if we are market- ready!!!!

So Chloe (the new puppy! see below!) and I are working on clearing out the closet so he can hang the new closet bar and shelf, and….

I found a potato.

Yes, folks. A POTATO.

I assumed it must have been there quite awhile, as I hadn’t put it there. So of course, I didn’t move it. If I had, Steve never would have believed there was a potato in the closet. I called him (he was at Lowe’s, getting some bracket/ anchor/ man- thing, IDK) to tell him about said potato. All of this was very, very funny to me (even though I know my mom is dying a little inside as she reads it….hang in there Susie……).

He finally gets home, and I show him the darn potato, at which point he picks it up and shows me it’s a stress ball. Shaped like a potato. Apparently his old job passed them out to their clients when they opened the Boise terminal. Which was still very, very funny to me…

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  1. Thank you, thank you it was a stress ball, because I was dying a little inside wondering first how my daughter could have a potato in her closet and secondly, why she would ever post such a thing. (Some things are better left out of a blog.)


    Wow, and here I thought I was special because I found mold and mildew in my closet.

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