Life’s Lessons

1. So far 2010 hasn’t been a creative year, writing – wise.

2. Good thing it’s only the 8th.

3. Are the Winter Olympics on this year?

4. I think so. I’m glad. I heart them.

5. Especially speed- skating.

6. I hold the top score on the Ski Jump for our Wii.

7. I hold most of the top scores, as I’m the only one here.

8. Steve fixed the Lap- Top.

9. I’m pretty ecstatic over this, as it is now super- fast.

10. I have been watching Teen Mom on MTV.

11. I’m not sure why I started, but now I can’t stop.

12. It’s like a train wreck and it breaks my heart.

13. I finished my second scarf.

14. I made it for Steve.

15. So far I have completed 2 scarves and they are both completeley wearable!

16. Now I’m finishing this grey thing I started and then….

17. I’m starting this super hard shawl thing that my Mother- In- Law is encouraging me on. She’s making one also and so therefore, I’ll have some help.

18. I’ve looked at the pattern and since it’s basically written in a foreign language, I’m sure she’ll be getting a few calls about it.

19. I live 2 blocks from a yarn store, which I didn’t realize until last week.

20. So far I’ve avoided it because I have enough projects and I’m intent on only buying things I’m working on or it will be like Hoarders in here.

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