kyllästynyt— Finnish for BORED

Oh my word, y’all…. my life is BORING. I’ve got absolutely nothing new to write about. I’m in the middle of painting the three bedrooms upstairs. Actually, I’m painting two of them, and re-painting the third, since I already painted it. Apparently the blue that we picked out (and hated… and tried to tone down by only putting tan and white bedding and accessories, which didn’t really help, so I just started to keep the door shut) made our realtor a little crazy. So all three bedrooms are being painted beige. Which is about the most boring color ever. At least we don’t have to change any of the colors downstairs. I went a little overboard and each room is different, but she said they complement the “oldness of the house”. Yay me. My new secret plan is to paint messages with the paint first, and then cover them up using the roller. They say things like “buy me”, “live here”, “pay more than the asking price because Sara needs a new car”. Stuff like that. I’m hoping to use subliminal messages to encourage sales. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Other than that, Chloe and I are just home. We haven’t left the house or yard or block for over a week. I made my neighbor banana bread to just have an excuse to go to her house and hang out over there for a little while on Saturday. I would not make a good hermit. I keep trying to work out what I’m supposed to be learning in this mini- house arrest situation, and I’ve got nothing.

My mom got us a Wii for Christmas, it’s my new favorite thing. 2010 is the year to get healthy. I do not want to look like a cow when I turn 30. Also, I would like to have a baby sometime in the near future and do not want to mistaken for a beached whale at the OB/GYN. Awesome.

My knitting projects are going well. I’m out of yarn that I like (I still have a whole bunch of “practice yarn” and some stuff I got on clearance after Christmas, but it looks Christmas-y and I’m not feeling that). There is a needlework shop near my house that I could walk to, but it is NEVER open. So I’m probably getting ready to buy some yarn online, and am kind of nervous about making sure it’s soft and pretty. Any suggestions would be mucho appreciated.

That’s all from here…. Chloe says HI!!!

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  1. Man. If I still lived around Raleigh, I’d come and hang out at your house and keep you company. Which would probably be weird, because we’ve never really met and you wouldn’t know me if I spit on you, not that I would spit on you, because I’m too classy for that, and also, I don’t spit, because if I do spit, inevitably it gets all over me, which is gross and unclassy.

    Also, the yarn, I would suggest if you really want something soft and fun, cashmerino, which is both soft and fun. And spendy. I’m dying for some Noro yarn but I’d have to sell something important and big in order to afford it. Also, post some pics of your knitting projects! Some of us like looking at yarn porn.

    Also, that’s another reason you would be uncomfortable with me at your house, because I use phrases like “yarn porn” which is acceptable in my head but might be gross and yucky in yours.

    Also, I use the word “also” a bit too much.

    • Awesome. You would be more than welcome. As long as there was no spitting. My brother used to spit on me to make me throw up. He was not too classy for that. I will try out the cashmerino. Steve supports the yarn habit because it keeps me entertained. And it’s cheaper than a car….

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