Life Lessons

1. I detest painting. Especially painting trim.

2. Alas, it must be done.

3. I was hoping it would paint itself if I put the paint and the paint brush in the room and shut the door.

4. This did not work.

5. Then I was hoping my mom would come finish it for me.

6. This has not happened either.

9. I’m glad American idol is back on.

10. I really miss Glee though.

11. The kid who lives next door is adorable. He had to borrow my phone the other day because he was locked out.

12. I have no idea what his name is though.

13. I call him Jake in my head;  he looks like a Jacob and I wanted him to have a nickname.

14. His mom is kind of a “B” though.

15. I should adopt him. Then I wouldn’t have to take out the trash.

16. Or paint trim?

17. I would probably still have to paint trim.

18. *Sigh*

19. Steve will be home next weekend.

20. Maybe my posts will be more interesting then….

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