Hans Has a Smart Mouth

So Hans is my trainer. On my Wii. In my head, this makes sense. Steve’s trainer is the girl, and I named her Julie. Hans and Julie maybe have a Wii romance going on, but as Steve isn’t here, I don’t get to see Julie that often to ask her. Hans does not put up with such talk during our workouts.

Hans is a bit of a smart mouth. Also, he’s very good at back-handed compliments. For example, after a particular exercise he tell me it was a great workout, but then reminds me that I need to get stronger. Really Hans? No kidding….

Also, during the triceps excercise he repeats over and over how it is great for toning arms. Thanks for that, Captain Obvious. Yesterday he really wore on my nerves and I cursed him out a little. I am not proud of this, but I was working pretty hard and he was being a tool. I thought today he’d be better, but he was bugging me just as much. I can see my little center of balance dot going out of the circle all on my own, thank you very much. I don’t need him to point it out every time it happens. Jerk. The nicest thing about Hans though is this…..

He’s powerless against the mute button….

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  1. My favorite element of the Wii Fit is when you get on so it can weigh you and the smart alecky voice goes “Oh!” like it’s this great big shock that such a fat woman would dare to step on this delicate board and get weighed…huff…yeah I’m still not down with that.

    • Yeah…. not so much a fan of that either. Also, I’m not a fan of when my Mii is all skinny and cute and they do my BMI and she explodes. Not cool.

      • Yeah. My Mii has love handles. Even in cartoon form, not cool.

      • Mine does too. I had to take her glasses off to make myself feel better. Somehow being fat with good eyesight is better….

  2. You’ve found Hans’ weak link! You go girl!

  3. i think my trainer’s name is hans. or it could be jeffrey. i have no idea. mainly because i refuse to use the wii for workouts. and that’s mainly because i refuse to workout in general.

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